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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know the most common questions we get and the answers we give? Look no further! Have any questions, comments, or concerns not answered here? Please do not hesitate to reach out via email, phone, or the contact page below. Our physical map location and hours of operation are also listed below as well for your convenience!


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What Gold, Silver, and Platinum items do we purchase?

We purchase all Gold, Silver, and Platinum bullion, bars, coins, nuggets, rings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, cuff links, broaches, lockets, earrings, and pins regardless of the purity. It does not matter if the jewelry pieces are broken, scratched, dented, mismatched, or missing stones, we still buy it! If you still have any questions of what we buy and do not buy, please do not hesitate to reach out! 

Am I required to show ID when selling my items?

By law, you must present 1 piece of government issued identification. These may consist of a Driver's License, BC Service Card, Passport, or a Citizenship Card. We may also require you to fill out a form that declares you are the legal owner of the items being sold. True North Gold & Silver LTD. will never share or sell your information to any Third-Party. We maintain the upmost security of your personal information. 

How can I determine if my items are precious metal based and it's purity?

You may be able to determine if your items are precious metal based by using a magnet to see if your item is magnetic. Gold, Silver, and Platinum are all non magnetic metals, so if a bar, coin, or piece of jewelry you have is magnetic, it is not precious metal based. On the other hand, if your item is non magnetic, you should then look for a hallmark/stamp on your item to determine the purity of it. Some common hallmarks/stamps on items that we see are ".925" for sterling silver, "14k" or "585" for 14 carat gold, and ".999 Fine Silver" for pure silver coins. There are plenty of different hallmarks so look carefully, utilize online resources, or come by our store and we will tell you right away what purity your item is and if it is precious metal based.

What do we not buy?

We do not buy stolen, fake, and Gold/Silver plated or filled items. Common markings that may represent plating or filling on items may include "GP" for Gold plated, "EP" for electro plated Silver, and "GF" for Gold filled. Unfortunately, Gold/Silver plated or filled items do not contain very much precious metal content which is why we do not purchase them.

How do we have higher payouts than jewelry stores and pawnshops?

Since True North Gold & Silver LTD. does not use any middlemen, deals in large amounts of Gold, Silver, and Platinum on a daily basis, and has low day-to-day operation costs, we can give our customers extremely competitive no-obligation quotes to purchase their items that are significantly higher than the quotes you would otherwise receive at jewelry stores and pawnshops. 

Do you purchase diamonds or gemstones?

We do not purchase diamonds and gemstones exclusively. If there are stones in your items that you are selling, we may possibly be able to give you more money for your item. Although, in general, we will not pay for any diamonds or gemstones set in jewelry. Jewelry payouts with diamonds and/or gemstones will be determined on a case by case basis depending on what the stone is, how big it is, if its natural, and if its treated or untreated.

Do we purchase items with Insurance/Retail Replacement Value appraisals?

We do purchase items with Insurance/Retail Replacement appraisals. Unfortunately, appraisals give your items an unrealistic value on the second hand market as appraisals are mainly used for insurance purposes and can have unrealistic and inflated prices based on its retail value. As jewelry is often considered the most marked up consumer category, do not expect to get a purchase quote anywhere you go close to the appraisal/retail price as they have been set high on purpose often times to deceive unsuspecting consumers into paying high insurance or retail prices. However, payouts will be based on a case by case basis through a variety of different factors.



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